Israel. 880MVA  400kV Dorad Power Plant,

Protection, Control and SAS

  • Main contractor: ABB Technologies Ltd, Israel.

  • End User: Dorad Energy and Israel Electric Corporation.

  • Detail Design of protection and Control Panel for 400kV GIS UMT,  and Lines.

  • ABB REC670, Control terminals.

  • SEL311 Differential Line Protection.

  • ABB REB500Sys BBP/BFP/End Fault protection

  • ABB REL670  distance, directional earth fault protection and overcurrent back-up protection.

  • Communication protection POTT for distance and permissible mode

  • for directional earth fault protection via SEL311 and  too Optical Multiplexer Focus ( Pulsar).

  • ABB RET650 full redundancy system  for transformer protection.

  • ABB SACO64D4 for Station Alarm system.

  • Metering System

  • ABB  MicroSCADA PRO, IEC61850, Hot-Stand bay server configuration.

  • Design of cabling.

  • CT/VT calculation

  • Commissioning of protection and control of 400kV.

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