Gabon. 4x20MVA  90/13.8kV Alenakiry Power Plant, 90kV Owendo Substation:

 Protection, Control and SAS

  • Main contractor: Telemenia  Israel.

  • End User: Gabon Government.

  • Detail Design of protection and Control Panel for 13.8kV and 90kV

  • UMT, SAT and Lines.

  • Areva P139, Control and back-up protection terminals.

  • Areva P746, BBP/BFP/End Fault protection

  • Areva P442  distance, directional earth fault protection and overcurrent back-up protection.

  • Communication protection POTT for distance and permissible mode

  • for directional earth fault protection via SEL2560.

  • Areva P643 for transformer protection.

  • Areva P345 for generator protection.

  • Owendo Substation: Areva P545 for interconnection line

  • Areva  Workstation with MStudio1 is based on Courier communication

  • Design of cabling, connections to 13.8kV SWG PIX ( Areva) and 90kV Hybrid unit HyPACT ( Areva)

  • Commissioning of protection and control of 13.8kV and 90kV.

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